This year we decided to try having two Thanksgivings, and we’re having them far enough apart that it’s an enjoyable swell of turkey and cranberries without being stressful or overwhelming.

Gavin carving the turkey

We had Thanksgiving with the big boys on Saturday, and Gavin cooked his traditional recipes: a Butterball style turkey, homemade gravy, stuffing, green beans and his roasted walnuts with rosemary and butter.

I made the pumpkin pie, though.

Saturday afternoon was a lot of fun. We didn’t get a huge bird, so there are just enough leftovers to have a few turkey-cranberry-stuffing sandwiches without getting sick of them. Then, this coming Thursday, I’ll be the one to cook Thanksgiving dinner. I’ve never done it before by myself, and I’m excited about it. I ordered a heritage turkey, and I’m still researching good recipes.