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Liam’s Handmade Guidebook:

“I… had him POINT (no forced reading, just point) to pictures of things he wanted to do. No input from me,  no gentle nudges about the excitement of the crown jewels or the Nobel Peace Prize Museum.   If he were in charge of this trip,  what would he do?  Then we made copies of those pictures and he cut and pasted them into a blank book. The result was his own personal guidebook; a completely kid-centric itinerary….

Here are some examples of Liam’s top travel picks:

Find Pippi Longstocking, eat ice cream every day, eat Swedish hot dogs from “korv kiosks”, find a new candy, see the Little Mermaid, see a viking ship, collect Swedish and Danish money, ride the coin-operated public bicycles, go on the rides at Tivoli, visit cupcake shops for a traditional 4pm treat, take a boat to an island, run in a beautiful field.”