The Girl and the Bicycle 1
Oh, how we love Mark Pett’s The Girl and the Bicycle! It’s another wordless story, this time about working hard for what you want and about kindness. Our kid asks for this book over and over — what better recommendation could there be?

The girl in this story desperately wants the green bicycle she sees in the window. She does everything she can think of to earn money, and when the usual ideas don’t yield enough (lemonade stand, garage sale), she goes out to see if the neighbors will hire her to do chores. One does, and they develop a friendship. Finally, after months of hard work for her neighbor, the girl goes to buy the bike and — [SPOILER ALERT!] — it’s gone! She’s disappointed, but she decides to buy her brother a tricycle instead. On the way home — he’s pedaling ecstatically and she’s walking along behind him — her neighbor friend waves her over to give her a big surprise.

The Girl and the Bicycle 2
I found this book by way of Books That Heal Kids, which is a great blog to follow if you’re on the lookout for children’s books with good messages.