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My name is Jill Davis Doughtie and my living room is in Pasadena, CA.

I’m married to Gavin, I’m a stay-at-home mom to a preschooler, and I’m a stepmom to two young adults. When I met Gavin, I was living in South Pasadena. Together, we’ve lived in Pasadena (in California), the Venice Canals (also in California), Santa Monica, and now we’re back in Pasadena.

In the past I’ve had a window office in a skyscraper, I’ve taught elementary school, and I’ve been above the Arctic Circle in winter.

These days, I’m cooking through what I find at the farmers’ market, making popsicles, reading children’s books, playing with little boy toys, gardening, and learning about how things like space shuttles and construction machines work.

This incarnation of Jill’s Living Room started in 2012. Older posts are from earlier versions of this blog, other places I’ve blogged, my photo and journal archives, or even my memory.

You can also find me on Google+ and Pinterest.

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