Bird’s nest at Kidspace

Bird's nest at Kidspace 1

We saw an open Amazon box on the nature counter at Kidspace. My son wants to know what is inside every Amazon box he sees, so I lifted him up to check. Instead of the packaging bubbles I was expecting, we saw this bird’s nest. We looked at it together for a while.

Somehow the bird found down and moss to line the nest with. Those aren’t things I see in Southern California very often. When I touched it, it felt cushioned inside. It felt like the softest, most comfortable thing a baby bird could want to rest in. I felt a flash of love for my son in my chest — and recognition. This bird loves its babies like I love my little boy, I thought.

Come on in!

Water wheel 5
Kidspace has several places for kids to splash in the water.

Water falling 3
My favorite spot is up the hill in the very back.

Water fallling 4
There are two ponds, connected by a stream.

Water wheel 1
At the top, there’s a water wheel.

Water wheel 2
Every few minutes, water pours off the corrugated metal roof and turns the wheel.

Fish pond
There’s a pond with fish and plants right behind the water wheel. It’s just for looking at.

Water wheel 7
But everywhere else is a free-for-all of kids! They climb in and splash around and walk up and down the stream. The only rule is that you have to keep your shoes on, even under water.

Water 2
I was careful not to take pictures of any kids, but it was hard! Even on slow Tuesday afternoon.